A Ethereum-compatible crypto wallet is required for users to play on Crossbell.

There are many wallet management apps available on the market. For example: Metamask, Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, etc. User can intall one of them to manage their wallet and connect to Crossbell.

Wallet UI for Apps

Wallet UI is a library that provides a simple interface for users to interact with their Ethereum wallet. It should be needed by the Crossbell app to connect to the user's wallet.

React (Recommended)

We provide a @crossbell/connectkit (opens in a new tab) library with a well designed UI for users to connect their wallet to your app. With this library, you can easily integrate many features of Crossbell like character management, balance claiming, etc.

VanillaJS (Third-party)

Web3Modal provides a VanillaJS library (opens in a new tab). However, it does not integrate with Crossbell very well, like the character management, balance claiming, etc. You may need to implement them by yourself.