What is Crossbell? πŸ””

What is Crossbell? πŸ””

Crossbell is a decentralized platform on which many social applications can be built. At its core is the social and ownership protocol. To assist in building apps, we also provide a variety of useful toolkits for different common scenarios.

To fully understand what Crossbell is, you first need to grasp some basic concepts. Therefore, the following chapters will first introduce these basic concepts, then how the protocol is designed, and later we will summarize some common social scenarios and use them to introduce how to easily implement them through our developer-friendly tool kits.

πŸ’‘ How to use this docs?

If you are interested in how the social and ownership protocol works, you need to carefully read the protocol section.

If you're a developer looking to quickly build on Crossbell, start with the basic concepts section. Read the overview in the protocol section, but temporarily skip the remaining part. Then, locate similar scenarios to your app ideas and get the toolkits you need in the relevant section. If you have more questions later, you can refer back to the detailed documentation.

If you already have a project and are looking for interesting collaborations and integrations, the integration section is the way to go.