Contract API
Read Methods

Read Methods

The following methods are used to read note data from the blockchain.

Though the contract offers these read methods, they are not ideal for use in a production environment for performance concerns. We recommend using the indexer instead.


Returns the note data for the given note ID.

getNote<T extends LinkItem>(
  characterId: BigNumberish,
  noteId: BigNumberish,
  linkItemType?: Note['linkItemTypeString'],
  overrides: CallOverrides = {},
): Promise<Result<Note<T>>> | never


contract.getCharacter(42, 5)



  • Type: BigNumberish

The ID of the character who posted the note.


  • Type: BigNumberish

The ID of the note to retrieve.

linkItemType (optional)

  • Type: 'Character' | 'Address' | 'Note' | 'ERC721' | 'Linklist' | 'AnyUri' | undefined

The type of link item to retrieve.

For example, if it's AnyUri, it means the note was posted with postNoteWithAnyUri.


export interface Note<T extends LinkItem | undefined = undefined> {
  /** The character id of the address who owns the note.  */
  characterId: number
  /** The id of this note. Each id is unique under one character. */
  noteId: number
  /** The content URI of this note. */
  contentUri: string
  /** The metadata content of this note. */
  metadata?: NoteMetadata
  /** The bytes32 representation of the link if there is one. */
  linkItemType: string
  /** The type of the link if there is one. */
  linkItemTypeString?: LinkItemType
  linkItem: T
   * The primary key (id) of the linking target. It's keccak256 encoded.
   * You may need to use `contract.getLinkingXXX(linkKey)` to get the target.
  linkKey: string
  /** The link module address of the note. */
  linkModule: string
  /** NFT contract address if this is a minted NFT note. */
  contractAddress: string
  /** The mint module address of the note */
  mintModule: string
  /** Whether or not this note has been deleted. */
  deleted: boolean
  /** Whether or not this note has been locked. I.e., not able to be edited. */
  locked: boolean
interface Returns {
  data: Note